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The TESU Student-Mentor Model

This video explains how mentors are involved in the student experience.

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Moodle Calendar Due Dates (Mentors)

Assignments, exams, and quizzes are now automatically linked to the calendar in Moodle.

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How to Create Audio Recordings

This video shows you how to create audio recordings using Kaltura Capture.

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How to Install Kaltura Capture

This video demonstrates how to download Kaltura Capture for both Windows and Mac systems.

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Change myEdison Portal Password

Navigate myEdison/Moodle SSO Credentials Error:

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Navigating Your Moodle Dashboard

This video gives you a tour of your Dashboard in Moodle.

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How to Grade Blogs and Podcasts

This video shows you how to grade blogs and podcasts submissions in Moodle.

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Using Tech Ready to Test Your System

This video will show you how to scan your computer using Tech Ready.

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Finding Courses in Moodle for Upcoming New Terms (Mentors)

This video shows mentors how find their course in Moodle when accessing it for the first time for an upcoming new term.

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How to Grade Assignments (Without Rubrics)

This video demonstrates how to grade assignments in Moodle that don't use a grading rubric.

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Confirming MyFoundationsLab Grades

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Accessing Shadow Health and Grading Assignments

In this video, you will learn how to access your Shadow Health course and grade assignments.

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Unlocking Assignment Submissions

This video demonstrates how to unlock an assignment submitted for grading.

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Accessing SafeAssign Originality Reports (Mentors)

This video demonstrates how you can access a student's SafeAssign originality report.

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How to Auto-create Groups

This video demonstrates how to use the auto-create groups function in Moodle. See written instructions here: …

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Finding Shared Google Exam Folders

If you need more help accessing your mentor Google account, watch this short tutorial:

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